The Pay-it-Forward, Six-Figure Plan

Follow these steps to success:


Step One: You join ILN as an affiliate for $37/month. I (or someone from my team) will pay-it-forward* that same amount so you can re-invest into your business.
Step Two: You agree to do the same for your first 5 business partners.
Step Three: You upgrade to the professional membership level ASAP ($95/month)
Step Four: Teach your organization to repeat this process!
Step Five: Start over at Step 2 with 3-5 new business partners on a monthly (weekly?) basis!!!


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1) Your expenses (one time): $37 x 5 = $185
2) Your affiliate commissions (monthly): $20 x 5 = $100
3) Total costs (first month): 185-100 = $85.

(You earn 4 levels through the professional membership compensation plan: 50% on level 1 ($47.50), and 10% on levels 2, 3, 4 ($9.50)! As soon as your five partners upgrade to professional, you’ll already be earning $337.50/month! Teach them to follow this plan and earn up to $7,600/month.)



* There are many more ways to get paid in your Internet Lifestyle Network business. This plan just illustrates one way! In most instances, you’ll earn more than what is described above. That being said:

“Income disclaimer: Internet Lifestyle Network is a direct sales company engaged in the activity of selling its exclusive products to customers and members for personal use. Internet Lifestyle Network (and makes no representation or guarantee of income potential. Commission and bonus dollars cannot be predicted. Commission and bonus dollars vary by individual based on many factors including geography, referrals made, and many other outside factors. All charts, exhibits, and explanations are for illustration and discussion of the possibilities associated with Internet Lifestyle Network compensation plan.”